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At Paper24 we not only sell envelopes and folding cards, but also all kinds of items for festivities and office supplies.

Resellers B2B customers receive special conditions. You only need to register once.

Browse through our range and take a look around in our shop. There's a lot to discover.
If you have any questions or are missing something, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help.

We have a large selection of envelopes with a grammage of 120 g / m² in various DIN formats, square formats and special sizes.

Envelope formats at a glance:
Choose your preferred format.

Format DIN 57 x 81 (DIN C8): you can find it in more than 20 colors.
Format 114 x 162 (DIN C6) This is the classic postcard format and is available in over 35 colors.
We also offer the appropriate folding cards, also called double cards or folding cards:
Format 125 x 176 (DIN B6) Format B6 is a very popular format, which we can also supply in two types of closures (with a pointed tab and with pressure sensitive adhesive).
You will also find the right folding cards here:
Format 162 x 229 (DIN C5) We also offer a variety of colors of over 35 colors for envelopes in the format C5 (half A4).
and also the matching folding cards in DIN A5 format
Format 229 x 324 (DIN C4) The mailers in format C4 are particularly popular for business letters.
In addition to the classic envelopes in white, we also offer high-quality colored envelopes.
We offer the right folding cards for all envelopes:

Overview of the folding cards
The folded blank cards are with 240 g / m² in an excellent stable quality and the color exactly matches the respective colors of the envelopes.

Envelopes Din long are available in 3 different versions

This format with 110 x 220 mm (DIN long) is not only a most popular format for your business mail, but is also very popular for greeting or Christmas cards.
We carry these envelopes with a pointed flap, wet adhesive or with pressure sensitive adhesive, the latter with and without a window

.Din 20 long
Paper 24 offers cheap envelopes in over 22 formats
as well as 12 square formats in sizes from 100 × 100 mm to 220 × 220 mm.

Here you can see an overview of the variety of sizes - a selection of many colors and formats

Square envelopes
Paper24 offer a variety of square envelopes in different sizes and colors, some formats even in 2 versions - with a pointed flap and with pressure sensitive adhesive.

as well as transparent, gold and silver.

We are so cheap because we as a manufacturer have no intermediaries and are therefore able to offer our envelopes, double cards, place cards
u.v.m. to offer at attractive prices. It could hardly be cheaper.

In addition to our fabulous graduated prices, we are also able to send your order in small and large quantities as quickly as possible.

4 million envelopes and folding cards
is our average stock, which is why you will receive your order quickly and easily.
Should we ever have something out of stock, we do everything we can to ensure that you receive goods quickly and easily.

Once you have registered, B2B customers receive special conditions and enjoy the advantage of special offers, including the option of ordering by telephone

Buying on account is no problem for B2B customers. If you do not use our friendly order service, you will place your order online.
Enter "bank transfer" as payment method.

Brief information to us and we will send your goods immediately and convert them "on account".

Shipping costs are only € 2.70. If your order value is over € 25, we deliver free of charge within Germany. All EU countries receive regular postal fees.

What does a letter cost that you want to send by post?

You would have cheap postage costs considering the weight of an envelope in standard size C6, B6 and Din long. All other formats have different shipping fees.

You can label a letter by hand or use the printer to address your letter. - we have the right labels for this in many sizes

Our delivery times: We usually ship on the day of the order - this depends on the time of day you place your order and receipt of payment.

Our tip: Envelopes should be 5 mm larger than the envelope.

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