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Cellophane bags food-safe and available in a wide selection. At Paper24, you'll find a large variety of cellophane bags, also known as cellophane pouches or card sleeves, or cell glass bags. Most of our offered cellophane bags come with a flap.

Discover diversity, quality, and environmental awareness: Cellophane bags from Paper24 – Perfect protection with clear style!

At Paper24, we offer a wide selection of cellophane bags, also known as cellophane pouches or card sleeves or cell glass bags. Our cellophane bags are not only equipped with a flap but also feature a convenient peel-off strip, allowing for easy opening, closing, and resealing.

Food-safe and manufactured under strict hygienic conditions, our cellophane bags are perfect for candies, chocolates, dried fruits, cereals, and much more. The use of environmentally friendly materials makes a crucial difference from conventional cellophane bags.

Our cellophane bags are not only suitable for food but also perfect for protecting and presenting greeting cards, wedding cards, thank-you cards, and more. All cellophane bags are recyclable, and our Bio-Bags series is even 100% compostable, meaning extreme environmental friendliness.

You have the choice between flat bags and bottom bags, both made from high-quality cellophane. Our cellophane bags are crystal clear and transparent to ensure that your products, whether food or cards, are optimally presented.

With over 20 available sizes, we offer a versatile selection, from mini formats to large bags for DIN A3. Our cellophane bags are perfect for sale, presentation, or protection for self-designed cards.

Order from a minimum quantity of 50 pieces and benefit from flexible options, including custom sizes and special orders. We offer cellophane bags with adhesive closure, without a flap, open, or as bottom bags – according to your needs.

Experience the quality of cellophane bags from Paper24: Protect your cards, give your products a professional presentation, and choose environmentally friendly options. Order today and discover the clear elegance of our cellophane bags!

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