Funerary sayings to copy

These funeral or condolences have been put together for you.
You are welcome to copy the slogans for mourning cards or condolence cards or for mourning notices or to convert them individually to your mourning saying.
These funeral sayings are possible for relatives and friends of the bereaved.
May a small ray of light find its way into your sore heart every day in this dark time of mourning.
In these difficult hours, our consolation is often only to be lovingly silent and to communicate in silence.
Sincere condolences.
Deeply moved, we would like to express our condolences.
we will ... keep in memory and wish you much strength in this difficult time
May the pain of death not crush you and the memory of the time together enough strength for the future
give people step into our life and accompany us for a while.
Some stay forever because they leave traces in our hearts.
Everything has it's time. A time for silence, a time of pain and sadness, and a time of precious memories.
The most beautiful moments in life are those where you have to smile when you remember.
Memories that touch our hearts will never be lost!
Life is limited. But the memory is infinite ...
One of the hardest things in life is to stay strong, even if you break inside.
A voice that was familiar to us, is silent.
A man who was our song left. What is left is love, thank you and memory.
The most beautiful thing that a person can leave behind is a smile on the face of those who think of him.
My sincere condolences and deep feelings for this heavy loss.
May the memory of your time together give you comfort.
For this difficult time I wish you a lot of strength, peace and dear people who are by your side.
I would like to convey to you my sincere feelings and deep sympathy.
My thoughts are now firmly with you and your family.
With silent greetings, also on behalf of all friends and colleagues.
When the sun of life has set, the stars of memory shine.
The bad thing about death is not the fact that it takes a loved one from us,
but rather that he leaves us alone with our memories.
The dear person we lost will live on in our hearts.
Thanks for the silent hug.
Thank you for the comforting words, spoken or written.
Thanks for the handshake if the words were missing.
Thank you for all signs of love and friendship.
Thanks for flowers, wreaths and donations.
Thanks for a silent prayer.
Thanks for the last escort.
THANKS for the loving proof of your condolences in spoken and written, through wreath, flower and measuring donations
as well as the honorable escort to the final resting place when we left (our dear… .. / our dear….).
Thank you to everyone who felt connected to us during the difficult hours of farewell and who expressed their sympathy in such a diverse, loving way and to everyone who accompanied him / her on his / her last journey.
We sincerely thank all those who feel connected to us in quiet grief and who expressed their loving sympathy in so many different ways.
We just want to say THANK YOU ...... to all those who have met us so lovingly.
We just want to say THANK YOU ...... to everyone who showed us their sympathy
We just want to say THANK YOU ... ... to all those who share the grief with us.
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