Whether envelopes are self-adhesive or wet-adhesive, you can buy envelopes from us in various formats and in over 40 colors. As a manufacturer, we know that envelopes with peel-off strips are particularly popular because self-adhesive envelopes have an adhesive strip that is easy to peel off and the envelopes can be closed without moistening. That saves time.

That is why we offer self-adhesive envelopes in the formats of DIN long envelopes, self-adhesive with windows and also self-adhesive envelopes without windows. A preferred envelope, especially for business letters.

Envelopes Din B6 can also be found in both versions. Envelopes in DIN 6 format as well as square envelopes, there is a specific color selection for this sealing technique. Opaque, 120g paper quality ensures a perfect impression.

We usually ship on the day of the order. Express shipping is also possible.

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